Great results for March 2016

March has been a very busy month for the EC-YP partners!  We had a very successful 5th Partnership meeting in Belfast, a Multiplier Event where we launched the EC-YP web application and learning, teaching and training activities; this involved a Master Mentor from each partner organisation engaging in learning how to deliver the EC-YP model. The EC-YP model is based on a young person time banking their activities in 4 zones: Learning, Life Leisure and Work. The training involved peer discussion on the values, ethics and practice principles within the model, the process and using the web application.  The Master mentors are currently cascading their learning to their colleagues in preparation for the EC-YP Pilot programme where each partner will have mentors working with 15 young people; we are looking forward to the next exciting stage of the project and working to plan our next Partner Meeting in Linz Austria in September 2016.

Susan Russam, GEMS NI