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The EC-YP Blog is not meant to be a formal dissemination tool or diary for the project but an opportunity for partners and our key stakeholders to reflect from their perspective on the project. If you are involved in the project we would be delighted to hear your views.

Latest Developments in EC-YP: Fifth Transnational Meeting, Belfast

With the onset of March there came little improvement in the fine weather across the island of Ireland, both North and South, but this did not dampen the spirits of the EC-YP transnational partners for their fifth partner meeting in Belfast, hosted jointly by GEMS Northern Ireland and Time Associates. For those who may not recall, EC-YP stands for Extended Choices for Young People and aims to develop a bespoke mentoring model that aims to suit the diverse idiosyncratic needs of the often hectic lives of young people today.
Since our last meeting in Dublin, there has been much progress with the development of the online platform, which is now in the final stages of testing and ready to be rolled out and piloted with the young people. The partner meeting was certainly a fruitful one, with much happening in the interim, and the progress of the project to date was discussed in detail, as were the subsequent steps necessary to facilitate its successful completion. The partnership is well formed at this stage, and the meeting thus flowed fluidly.
The meeting in Belfast also provided the appropriate opportunity to train the master mentors, who will go on to train four further mentors within their own organisations. By all accounts the training went extremely well and the efforts of the facilitators were highly praised. These master mentors were introduced to the EC-YP mentoring web application and ultimately trained in its use, to be piloted with young people in each partner country.
As if all this wasn’t enough, Belfast also saw the hosting of the latest multiplier event, to disseminate the project results to date. This event was certainly a lively affair, to say the least. The audience was treated to an array of engaging presentations and intriguing discussions. Martin Magennis of Time welcomed the guests, followed by Anne Downs of GEMS presenting the context of the project. Basil McCrea, MLA, discussed whether Young people were ‘Tuned in or Turned Off’, with EC-YP ideally facilitating them toward the former. Jayne Burns offered her perspective on the collaborative mentoring experience, which was followed up with a conversation on whether young people could indeed be ‘Partners for Policy and Practice’ by Lorraine Boyd. The inimitable Rob Van Den Hoed, from the Netherlands, finished off the proceedings with an energetic demonstration on the design and development of the web application for connecting young people with their own personalised training programme. All these presentations, inclusive the overall event in general, were well received by the audience.
As summer slowly creeps its way into the north-west suburbs of Ballymun, the Ballymun Job Centre will be working towards achieving their most imminent project goals. They have already began training their local mentors, under the direction of the master mentor Pat Kavanagh, and will be shortly making preparations for their next young person’s forum, where the young people who are at the core of this project will be given the opportunity to give feedback on the latest project developments in order to have their say.

Julie McCafferty Ballymun Job Centre

Great results for March 2016

March has been a very busy month for the EC-YP partners!  We had a very successful 5th Partnership meeting in Belfast, a Multiplier Event where we launched the EC-YP web application and learning, teaching and training activities; this involved a Master Mentor from each partner organisation engaging in learning how to deliver the EC-YP model. The EC-YP model is based on a young person time banking their activities in 4 zones: Learning, Life Leisure and Work. The training involved peer discussion on the values, ethics and practice principles within the model, the process and using the web application.  The Master mentors are currently cascading their learning to their colleagues in preparation for the EC-YP Pilot programme where each partner will have mentors working with 15 young people; we are looking forward to the next exciting stage of the project and working to plan our next Partner Meeting in Linz Austria in September 2016.

Susan Russam, GEMS NI

Only 2 weeks until our Belfast Meeting, Multiplier Event and Learning Teaching and Training Activities!

It’s been full steam ahead for the EC-YP partnership and we are looking forward to meeting our friends and colleagues and their master mentors in Belfast 7-11 March 2016.

We have our partnership meeting with a busy agenda, our multiplier event and training for master mentors who will in turn train their colleagues locally.

We have an exciting week ahead and of course we will have the opportunity to spend time with friends and colleagues trying out some of the great places to eat in Belfast and our partners can perhaps get a little sightseeing and shopping in in their down time.

Louise Heaney, Time Associates

Heading to Deventer NL

Preparations are well underway for our 4th Partnership  meeting and 2nd Multiplier event  in Deventer Netherlands.  I am looking forward to presenting  on the behalf of the partners the origin of EC-YP and the progress of the project so far.
Edumark will provide the update of the web based application to date .
This will be demonstrated at the Multiplier event.

Anne Downs GEMS NI

Young Persons Forum

Ballymun Job Centre will be hosting its first EC-YP Young Persons Forum on the 14th of July 2015, in which we hope to engage with the young people whose opinion is obviously central to the project, and get their feedback on the progress of the project so far, and their input for the further development of the platform and its future utilisation in combating the current youth unemployment situation, within an Irish labour market context. If anyone is interested in getting involved in the EC-YP young people’s forum, please contact Julie in the Ballymun Job Centre

Romano Di Murro, Ballymun Job Centre

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