Tangible and meaningful outcomes

In this section the EC-YP partnership will present the Intellectual Outputs our partnership has achieved as a result of our partnership work plan.
What do we mean by Intellectual Outputs? Intellectual Outputs are activities that result in tangible and meaningful outcomes - these can be things like publications and course materials.

Intellectual Output 1

NEET Issues/Challenges Analysis and Good Practice Report

Output Type: Study/Analysis

A consolidated report of the research and analysis conducted by each partner in their respective countries to include national priorities and programmes to address youth unemployment generally and NEET challenges specifically and current models to include best practice in supporting young people who are NEET profile.

The consolidated Baseline Audit and Needs Analysis (BANA) for the 5 partner countries represents the completion of IO1; for reference we have included the 5 country reports completed by the EC-YP partners.

Intellectual Output 2

EC-YP Collaborative Mentoring Model

Output Type: Methodology/Guidelines

A contextualised EC-YP Mentoring Model for each partner country which facilitates a multi-agency collaborative partnership to identify, access engage & support young people in the priority NEET group; Using an innovative package of active measures designed to work with each individual young people, comprehensively assess and review their needs, develop their individual action plan, support them through one-to-one mentoring, customise their learning & development through a "time-banking" approach & access to a personal innovation fund, employer-led placement & next steps action plan.

Intellectual Output 3

EC-YP App and web-based platform

Output Type Service/Structure

A dedicated application and EC-YP web-based platform to support project delivery, facilitate on-line mentor/mentee communications and recording and tracking of EC-YP mentee progress.

Intellectual Output 4

EC-YP Training for Mentors and Materials

Output Type Learning/Teaching/Training Material

Contextualised didactical training materials and methodologies for EC-YP provided for each country

The complete set of training and resource materials are available upon request, please email us to register your interest and contact details by clicking the button below.

Intellectual Output 5

Analysis and Good Practice Report

Output Type: Study Analysis

A report evaluating the results of the piloting and subsequent evaluation of:
(1) EC-YP Training for trainers programme with 20 VET mentors, 4 in each partner country.
(2) EC-YP programme with 60 NEET young people, 15 in each partner country.

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