The EC-YP Partners – who we are and what we do

The EC-YP partnership creates the dynamic platform for the delivery of the EC-YP project. Our partnership brings together organisations and individuals with the skills, knowledge and experience in a range of specialisms including research, social work, psychology, quality, performance management, counselling and mentoring, VET, linguistics e-learning, internet and mobile applications. We are committed to working together over the next three years to:
• Make a difference to the lives and life chances of young people who are NEET by
• Improving their employability and career choices and
• Contributing to improved VET provision that more effectively meet the needs of marginalised and disadvantaged young people.

GEMS Northern Ireland Limited

GEMS Northern Ireland is a company limited by guarantee and registered charity/social enterprise organisation. Since our launch in 2002 we have developed and delivered best practice in employability/employment services.
GEMS NI is recognised as delivering excellence in IAG and VET and our development of models of best practice in employability interventions that support long-term unemployed/economically inactive people and in particular marginalized and disadvantaged groups including lone parents, migrants, young people who are NEET, older people, people with disabilities and health conditions, who experience disadvantage in the labour market. GEMS NI is committed to bringing "people to jobs and jobs to people". GEMS NI strives to promote social inclusion in the labour market and respects the client's right to freedom of career choice and freely chosen employment choice within the constraints and realities of the labour market.

Time Associates
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TIME offer a wealth of expertise in the design and delivery of tailored personal development and employability interventions particularly for individuals deemed furthest from the labour market. We hold extensive knowledge and experience gleaned from multiple European funded similar assignments, which offer unemployed audiences a holistic programme of "custom built" support which is relevant to the context, uses effective methodologies to support learning and transfer of learning and provide individuals with the confidence and skills to actively address labour market and education entry or re-entry options.
Focus - Ensuring that the client is focusing the right resources at the right time in the right way at the right opportunities.
Flexibility - We work in a very "hands on" way to provide creative solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.
Real Life Experience - We have a team with the gravitas, credibility and track record of achievement
Innovation - We are constantly pushing the boundaries in terms of what is possible - that could / should our client be doing that is better or different and which provides a sustainable competitive edge.

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ANTARES was founded in 1989, it is a SME, with a team of qualified consultants. It works in the field of enterprise consultancy, socio-organisational research and management training.
ANTARES has been involved in more than 50 national and European partnerships, both in research and training areas mainly related to HR consultancy, showing its ability to manage complex projects, paying particular attention to innovative processes (telework, e-learning, etc.).
This allows ANTARES to participate to a large and qualified network of enterprises, universities and public bodies all over Europe (approximately 30 organisations and institutions). They work in the social and organisational field, analysis of training needs, diagnosis of problems related to work organisation.
ANTARES has a great experience in research and training for human resources (skill assessment, career development, transversal training for professional development, wellbeing assessment, diversity management, etc.). It manages all projects by cooperating with the clients and partners relating its interventions to their specific needs. Moreover it has a large experience in the area of monitoring and evaluation of complex projects, managing their quality system.

Ballymun Job Centre
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Ballymun Job Centre (BJC) is a community-based non-profit making organisation established in 1986 as a community response to a chronic unemployment situation, since 1996 BJC has managed the Local Employment Services Network. BJC’s objective is to assist local people to access employment, by providing an integrated approach to job placement through the establishment of a one-stop shop for job seekers
The Ballymun Job Centre operates within a local context providing education, training and employment supports to local people who are disadvantaged within the labour market. The BJC, using a client centred approach, has a strong history of developing innovative initiatives that aim to tackle unemployment by addressing the barriers and needs presented by the clients.
Career Guidance is a core part of the BJC support service The goal of individual career guidance is to discover and develop educational, vocational, and employment potential, to equip individuals to have a clearer understanding of themselves and potential for future career development and to direct individuals towards training and employment opportunities in the environment that best fulfil their needs and aspirations. Ballymun Job Centre works extensively on a European platform with experience in leading and participating in a wide range of projects and programmes in the Lifelong Learning and other EU initiatives.

Die Querdenker
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Die Querdenker is a private SME working in Europe and internationally, which focuses on human health, social work and counselling activities; our work is based on personal and social responsibility. We direct our actions to the protection of human dignity and the implementation and improvement of social standards that strengthen the social position of people with special needs. We focus on qualification measures, anti-stigma campaigns, poverty alleviation programs and consciousness coaching etc. with the aim of better social integration for our beneficiaries. We support organisations, groups and teams to improve their performance through for example Supervision, coaching, project development, change management and strategic visioning. We have extensive experience in working in a European context including the Lifelong Learning Programme, Progress, ESF, Intereg and providing management consultancy for NGOs.

Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser,
herzlich willkommen auf der Homepage des Erasmus+ Projektes EC-YP (Extended Choices for Young People in VET)!
Wir, die Querdenker aus Österreich, sind Teil des Teams, welches sich aus sechs Organisationen aus fünf EU Ländern zusammensetzt.
In das Projekt werden wir unsere langjährige Erfahrung in der beruflichen Orientierung einfließen lassen und durch den länderübergreifenden Austausch auch neue Aspekte kennenlernen. Unsere tägliche Arbeit mit Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen mit NEETs Status (Not in Education, Employment or Training) führt uns immer wieder vor Augen, dass diese Zielgruppe besondere Bedürfnisse hat. Ausschlaggebend für eine erfolgreiche berufliche Integration sind ein gelungener Beziehungsaufbau und die Erhaltung einer positiven Beratungsbeziehung. Erfolgversprechend sind jene Maßnahmen, die individuell und niederschwellig gestaltet sind und flexible Rahmenbedingungen aufweisen.
Wir laden Sie ein, den Projektfortschritt auf dieser Homepage zu begleiten stellen Ihnen gerne regelmäßig neue Informationen zur Verfügung.

Viel Freude beim Lesen!

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

The EC-YP site went live January 2015; as the project progresses this site will be regularly updated.

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union